Lipozene Side Effects Far Greater Than Its Benefits

People today are looking for quick and easy ways for doing all things including losing weight. But do these quick weight loss pills really work? Lipozene is one such weight loss pill codeine phosphate 30mg which has recently hit the markets and is being widely publicized. An analysis of the supplement showed that the pill was not really effective in weight loss and the Lipozene side effects were great. Together, both these factors made this pill a bad choice for weight loss.

There are three main reasons why one should not opt for Lipozene for losing weight.

1. Clinical trials not genuine – There has always been a fear of the side effects associated with these health supplements. Over time, people have started using only those products which have been clinically tested and approved. The makers of Lipozene claim the product to be approved by various clinical trials. However, a closer look at these trials shows that the tests and the results which are being used in the advertisements were not conducted on the product, but on a single component which forms a part of the product namely Glucomannan. No doubt Glucomannan is an important and the main ingredient of Lipozene but simply the fact that one ingredient in a product is good for weight loss does not make the whole product good. There are many other ingredients in Lipozene and the combined effect of all those elements is neither tested nor approved by any clinic.
2. Constipation and Diarrhea – The main Lipozene side effects known is that it causes major damage to the digestive system of individuals thus resulting in constipation and diarrhea. Lipozene is nothing but a fiber pill. Fiber alone does not have the capability to help in losing weight. Lipozene consumption requires a lot of water intake. If water is consumed in these required extra quantities, the pill ends up absorbing all the water from the gut, leaving your stomach dry and causing it to start swelling or bloating. This ends up causing serious stomach ailments like diarrhea and constipation.
3. All Hype and no substance – The stark truth about Lipozene is that it has no inherent qualities which assist in weight loss. It neither helps in increasing your metabolism nor does it do anything to increase the fat burn in your system. All it does is help you stay hungry for long hours and this starvation causes weight loss. Weight loss through starvation is the worst form of dieting and is highly objected to by doctors all over the world. Lipozene is just a fiber pill. If you wish to increase the fiber intake in your system, there are many other more natural and cheaper ways of doing it.

Thus, after analyzing all the above point and understanding the Lipozene side effects, it is quite obvious that using Lipozene for weight loss is a bad option. There are many other ways for losing weight and one should definitely opt for a method alternative to Lipozene consumption. The harmful effects of this supplement far outweigh the few benefits that it does have.